August 2012

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  • Tired of life struggles? Time to let someone else take the lead of your life!

     was watching this video from the Not Ashamed of the Gospel website and it spoke to my heart because of the troubles and sorrows that the people are going through in this video. Many times we do feel a bit lost, insecure, and discouraged about our faith and we question if there is a God. I […]

  • Charades

    Act to get your meaning through Pull their strings, or they’ll pull you Bizarre gyrations, pantomime Miss one clue, you’re lost in time Act outrageous; keep ‘em guessing Within their questions, they’re confessing What they see shows who they are Use them wisely; you’ll go far Don’t end the charade, it’ll end your life The […]

  • Sunrise

    On a cold winter’s night Snow everywhere lies And the bitter north wind Sweeps the warmth from our lives But when dawn’s light breaks Those darkest ties Then I see sunrise In your eyes I’ve spent the night Under pitch black skies Filled with despair And horrific cries And just when I think There’ll be […]

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