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The story of this blogging website is a bit unique. The blog was first created as a testing area to get to know all the details of the wonderful world of blogging. This is because I belong to a ministry called TechServant for the Savior, a ministry of Calvary Chapel South Bay, in Gardena, Ca. The ministry was switching gears to Online Evangelism and we were going to be blogging as a method to share the gospel. I didn’t know anything about the subject and decided to pray about how to deal with this new type of social media network.

After several weeks and waiting patiently for the Lord’s answer, it finally hit me, I was not going to get the answer anywhere else since I was trying to do some research on the topic. No one will share the details of the do’s and don’ts of blogging. Well I decided to trust the Lord after one day I felt He spoke to my heart and told me to go ahead and that He was going to be there with me along the way. He conforted me by assuring me that He was everything I needed, since I knew nothing, then God will be glorified as people will clearly see that the Lord was guiding and providing for this new ministry yet to start.

Well I went ahead and started the blog on a Friday and by the same night it was up and running and I was ready to test the waters with my first blog post. Withing days, I started to notice traffic coming to the blogging site. Back then hosted by wordpress.com and it was under the name of Chr1stl1ke. I felt the Lord was bringing the people to the site and that motivated me to continue writing and learning. Within four months, the blog site had over 10k visits and I was happy to see where this was going but yet I didn’t know what to make out of it.

Iwas asked several times from the brothers in Christ from the ministry to try to get out of wordpress.com and into wordpress.org with my unique domain name. That was not a good idea at that time and for some reason I decided to wait on the Lord to provide and guide me thru His perfect will. The Lord always decides to give you blessings and if you take care of that little bit of blessings then He will give you even much more if you are faithful and you trust on Him unconditionally. Well the Lord provided for Chr1stl1ike to be upgraded into what is now Going After One. This wonderful website will continue to provide resources and sharable scriptures and Inspirational quotes for people to share through their own networks.

We are now on the major social media networks and we are providing blog articles from the partner ministries to expand the knowledge of believers and none believers. We thank you so much for your continue support and we are glad to be able to fullfill the calling that our Messiah Jesus Christ left for us which is to reach for the lost souls so not even one will perish but will find His glory by any mean of communication possible. The word of God is now able to travel to millions of people all over the world. We could now support those wonderful missionaries that risk their lives to bring the word of salvation to the lost sheep thru different social media networks. We hope you continue to use the resources that we kindly are providing for you and to make sure to share the good news with friends and family so they could also be bless by the word of God and the blog articles written to help the lost, the hurt, the heart broken, the bless and the ones with all sort of addictions. May our Lord continue to bless this Ministry and to help expand it so we could all be Together in Christ as one body to glorified the Father. God bless you all.


  • Jo Crane

    so pleased to see this site….with technology today there is no excuse for all of us not to GO & Tell. This world will steal our happiness but never the inner Joy that Christ brings into our born again life! May you be blessed to plant many fertile seeds of faith. JO/ mwordsandthechristianwoman.com

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @google-dd6b0c6f45b9804be454a0070c7d96a9:disqus Thank you so much for such wonderful words. I am blessed to see people doing their part into sharing the good news to the world. I thank for your contribution and as well as all the other brothers and sisters that also add to the task we are here to fullfil. God bless you and your ministry website! Stay bless

  • http://kurtbennettbooks.wordpress.com kurt bennett

    “I pray for everyone to understand that in a family or a relationship, God has to be the center piece!”

    Amen to that! With God as the center, so many problems disappear. So many blessings are poured out.

    Great stuff Rigo.

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      Thank you brother and a big AMEN to that! God bless you and yours and I pray for the Lord to keep blessing you with wisdom and a lovely heart in Jesus name.

  • snenhlanhla khuzwayo

    That’s a wonderful testimony on how God brought change in your life truly inspiring as a young women myself and a true believer in Lord Christ and the love He has for my life, I’m young and a newly wed and loving the path that God has commanded me to walk. Peace be unto you and may the one above be the Glory to all

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      Thank you so much and congratulations on your new life transforming step in your life. I pray that our Lord will fortify your marriage and will put an armor around anyone that would try to come close to destroy you and yours. I also pray for blessings in your home and abundant happiness in Jesus name.

  • http://bandofbrothersdevotional.org George

    Love the wordpress site and the testimony. You are an inspiration! I followed a similar path, January 3, 2011 is my birth date even though I’m 47 flesh years old. You can check out my testimony at http://bandofbrothersdevotional.org if you are interested. May all the glory be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God Bless my brother in Christ

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      Brother I have to say…. Wow to your testimony. I wanted to write back in there but I did not see any options that would let me write there so here brother I have to say that you are a warrior and your struggles in life are a blessing to others to read as they also might find themselves with no hope and in the same addictions as you and now they could read that there is hope in the Lord. God bless you brother and I pray for our God to keep blessing you and yours and I ask this in Jesus name.

  • http://Mindoncoffee.tumblr.com Lady T

    Your testimony is heart-felt. My marriage failed also. I applaud you for openly sharing and using your trials to bless someone else. I have made it my mission to do the same. Not many people realize just how much the Bible has to say about marriage. God bless you and your work to promote healthy, thriving marriages.

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      Thank you so much and may our God bless your works as well. God bless

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