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  • Happy Mother’s Day


    Happy Mother’s Day Thank you so much to all the wonderful Mother’s out there that have dedicated their entire life into raising and taking care of us. We wouldn’t be here if it wouldn’t be for your love. Thank you Lord for giving us the Love of our Mothers today and forever. Tweet

  • Who is God?


    Have you ever stopped to think about God? Who is God and how we are made in His image? You will be surprised to read what the scriptures have to say about our heavenly Father. So here we have some scriptures to remind us about who God is and who we also are. What sin […]

  • Is it time to check your heart?


    We have being called to be servants of the most high. To spread the Gospel to all the corners of the earth because the heart of the Gospel is being a servant. So how should we act around others? Well we must be able to act and think Christlike. This means we must sustain from […]

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