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  • Are you standing out for your God?


    n this new generation, where we have freedom of religion, is very hard to tell who among us is a believer of Christ. Our work places have so many restrictions to avoid confrontations that we don’t discuss religion matters anymore. Our homes are filled with distractions that adds a gap in between our relationship with […]

  • Charades


    Act to get your meaning through Pull their strings, or they’ll pull you Bizarre gyrations, pantomime Miss one clue, you’re lost in time Act outrageous; keep ‘em guessing Within their questions, they’re confessing What they see shows who they are Use them wisely; you’ll go far Don’t end the charade, it’ll end your life The […]

  • Sunrise


    On a cold winter’s night Snow everywhere lies And the bitter north wind Sweeps the warmth from our lives But when dawn’s light breaks Those darkest ties Then I see sunrise In your eyes I’ve spent the night Under pitch black skies Filled with despair And horrific cries And just when I think There’ll be […]

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