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Prayer Request

Do you need prayer support?

Are you in any need of prayer? Are troubles in your life or relationship bringing you down? We want to pray for you. Submit prayer requests to a group of Christian men and women who have volunteered to pray for your needs. Click on the image to submit your prayer request to a wonderful ministry that is dedicted to pray for your needs day or night. You can also submit your prayer request publicly on this post and we will keep you in prayer. Also, please let us know when your prayers are answered. God bless you all and keep in mind that everything we ask in the name of the Messiah Jesus Christ will be given to you.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.
Philippians 4:6

  • want peace

    I need prayer . I have great suspicions and evidence that my daughter and granddaughter are some how involved with a man that I once loved very much . I pray that the Lord will reveal it to me in clear form no evidence suspicion but the hard cold facts ,mY DAUGHTER gets angry when I tell her that I am asking God for revelation she says God will not show me , she also gets angry when I tell her that I have talked to
    him I am truly hurt by this and want everything on the open

  • Wu
  • Stacy Blair

    My name is Stacy Blair i have been in bondage ever since my EX left for another woman, It was really hell for me and everybody told me to forget about him but i could not because i love him so much. Things got worse until my friend introduced me to this great spell caster DOCTOR UDO SPIRITUAL TEMPLE who have saved so many life and relationships and i contacted him through his email ( udospiritualspelltemple@hotmail.com ) i explained everything to him and he cast a spell for me immediately after three days, everything turn around and my boyfriend came to me on his knee begging for forgiveness that i have been the only woman he has loved in his life and he is ready to love me forever. I was really surprised because i have never seen such a miracle in my life. I am so thankful to this man and i will forever publish his name Doctor Udo Spiritual Temple.

    Contact him now for your own miracle via email: udospiritualspelltemple@hotmail.com

  • Beverly

    Please Pray over The Clark
    Family! Please pray that God watches over us… Guide us to stay on the right
    path, Protect us, and Bless us indeed!!! Please Lord give us
    “Favor”!!! ~*Amen*~

  • Anthony Craig

    We are starting a brand new Business and would appreciate prayers for its Success, Longevity, Impacting countries, partnering with like minded people.
    In Jesus Name

  • Leah

    Lord God, I know your plans are better than mine. I pray that whatever crisis I am facing right now, these too shall pass. Thank you for the life that you have given to Charmayne. I am here Dear Lord with open heart and mind, with closed hands asking for your guidance that Charmayne will be healed soon so he can go back to his work for us to sustain our financial needs. I pray that I will be called for my work overseas so I can help with him and give back to my family who have suffered long enough for my mistakes. I am asking for your forgiveness for I have sinned. Please guide me and Charmayne always to follow your path Dear Lord! We love you Lord God! Amen.

  • Amy Morgan

    Prayers for everyone here, lifting you up. Father God we come before you, lifting up the needs of your children, that you promise to care for in all ways. We thank you in advance for your provision, and for all that you have done in our lives. Most of all for dying on the cross and for giving us everlasting life. You are Holy and we love You because You are God. We love you and praise you in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Monique

    I’m praying that me and my family we be financially blessed so we will not be evicted from our home.

  • T-Idiot

    You want this….admit it.

  • T-Idiot

    This is so mental it’s too damn ridiculous. LOL

  • Chon

    Please pray for one of my friend’s friend who is battling for life in hospital.She tried to take her own life yesterday.I don’t know her name but her twitter id is ..https://twitter.com/Dancing_Star1

  • Kat

    I have applied to to work for Toyota; I’ve been through 3 assessments, and really, really want this job to get myself back on track. If it’s it’s the Lord’s will, or something better. Prayers would be appreciated.

  • Rick

    Please pray for strength for me to face and overcome the addiction in my life. I know I can not do it without God’s strength and power. I am not in active addiction now, but realize I need prayers to have any hope to continue. Thanks and God bless

    • Kat

      Standing in agreement with you to have the Lord’s touch upon you, and for you then to be healed. Kat

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I am currently pursuing a master’s degree and I have 2 semesters left. please pray that God takes me through successfully and helps me finish on time like planned without any delays. Also there are professional exams that i must take. I am having problems studying them and I keep starting and stopping. Please pray for consistency and for wisdom as I study. Lastly I need a job. Please pray that I get a good one where I can have peace of mind to work and study at the same time. Amen

  • Teresa Kleinsmith Sliwinski

    Please pray for our revival meetings this week.

  • erin

    it will take a miracle. please pray for zane to come home. I feel like God brought us together and that He can heal us with a miracle. I am in love with him and need our family to be healed. Only God can do this. I have faith but need prayers. I will give God all the glory. please help me.

  • Lauren

    I have just had to face the fact that I am a compulsive overeater/food addict. I need to cut all forms of flour & sugar from my diet as well as any other “trigger” foods. All I can think about today is food. I need some prayer support to be able to withstand and push away these thoughts. In a few weeks all sugar, etc. should be out of my system and the physical cravings will go away. It will be easier to deal with the emotional side of this once I don’t have my body screaming at me to eat things I shoudn’t. But I absolutely cannot do this without the Lord’s help. I need to lose 100 lbs, and I know that will happen once I am able to deal effectively with this addiction. Please pray for me. Thank you!

  • Mark

    Just Been divorced this week. We are both Christians and I still love my wife so much. Made a stupid mistake 28 years ago and that’s why I’m now divorced. Please pray for a miracle. God is working amazingly in my life and never felt closer to Him. I just so want my wife back.

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com Rigo Campos

      Brother Mark, I’m sure God will listen to your cry and will work thing out in your life. Don’t ever give up trying to work things out and trusting on The Lord. Things will work out for you sooner or later. God bless

  • Jane E

    If it is the Lord’s will, I pray I’ll be granted a few pain free days so that I might function. I have lupus and fibromyalgia and I’m very tired. God bless you for praying with me.

  • Vanessa

    I ask for strength that I can make through these hard times of being furloughed to part time and making my house/school loan/car payments..

  • Kirsten

    I want Light in my life!

    I need prayer for strength,God moving positively in my life and strengthening the inner Christ of me.
    I need prayer that the person who I am in HIM finally completely blossoms n will not shake or break away.
    Help in my awful financial situation would be great too.

    In His love, Kristen

  • Kyle Taylor

    We just found out that after three years of trying we are pregnant! All praises to God! Please pray that our levels will continue to
    double, that this will be a viable pregnancy, and we will have a healthy child. Thank you!

    Kyle and Ashley Taylor

  • Kyle

    Please pray that my wife and I will get pregnant soon and have a healthy child. Please also pray that my wives surgeries will go well and that she will be safe! Thank you!

    Kyle and Ashley Taylor

  • margie

    my son needs prayer he is a senior in college and is autistic. He is having difficulty in his two classes. He has to have a final grade of a C in both these classes to graduate. Sometimes he just doesn’t understand things, He is very smart. Pray God gives him the wisdom to make the grades he needs to make on all his school work from now until the school ends this year. Thank you for praying

  • michelle m triska


  • jame

    Dear heavenly Father, please cleanse me of this alien toxin and bring me back my good health, I am capable of changing and you said you would never forsake anyone or leave them!!! -James

  • Mike.T.

    Please pray for me.I wont ask you to pray any spasific prayers,but ask the Father as to what He wants you to pray for.

  • michelle m triska

    pray god heals my hiatul hernia, body producing gas, intestinal gas , and flatuence, and gallbladder

  • sara

    Please pray for the Lord to impart faith in both me and my son. I must not have very much at all because I am in complete and utter torment and pain 95% of my waking hours due to the tragedies that we endured, the last and worst being 9 months ago. I can not find peace or comfort, not even just an ounce! And although I pray all day and night, I fall asleep praying “I seek you Lord with my heart and mind.” my son and I pray and read the bible every night and attend church 2 times a week since 5 months now of being rededicated. But our faith must be so very weak that we…mostly me are in emotional torment non stop. I have had so many prayer posts and some at church pray with me, but nothing gets easier or better. And more recently as if all of the physical and emotional pain were not enough for one soul to bare… I have been having attacks at night 4 times in the last 3 months, 1st time, I just felt pined down to the bed, I called on (JESUS) and it left, then again the same thing, but when I fell back to sleep I felt something lifting my feet up, and it was happening over and over, also after having my feet being lifted, I also felt my shoulders literally sliding downward, So the first few times I felt my feet being elevated about 3 times, then got more intense as I felt my shoulders sliding down but I also felt that I was asleep and couldn’t remember or think to call on Jesus in my sleep, so somehow I realized that I needed to call my son to wake me up, so that I could call on Jesus, it seemed as though I struggled several times calling my sons name until finally he heard me and woke me up and then we prayed together. But this has happened three times in the last couple weeks. This also happened 2 times in one night and is so scary at the time, even though it goes when I call out Jesus.
    This night began in August the destruction and loss of my daughter, followed by my ever growing worse GI problems, and income loss, more pain than any soul should ever bare all at once, but now this spiritual attracts??? I know God is my Savior, and will die for Him, but…WHERE IS HE NOW, and WHERE HAS HE BEEN FOR 9 MONTHS??? I really feel he is not hearing our prayers. Plz anyone of faith, intercede for our faith to grow, strengthen, restore!
    The last time I asked for prayer from our bible study group 2 weeks ago, I told them all everything…just poured my heart out creating a pond of tears on the table top. They all prayed for us, but the next Sunday at church everyone treated me awful, as if I had done something horrible, or as if I were ostracized. Why will not our Lord relief any of this unbearable pain? I just can’t see a ray of light, even my son 29 year old son who has also rededicated is so depressed especially after asking for prayer and the Bible study leader told us that he would call the Pastor and that they would contact us and be there for us, as we shouldn’t have to go through this alone, and no one has ever called us, not even once. we have no family, and literally NO ONE cares! He is a very sweet honest and very loyal son, he left collage to come home and take care of me, now he works, and has to finish his last year online, his Father has shunned him completely for leaving collage and coming to take care of me. He has never done, drugs, or alcohol, or smokes, or anything terrible in his life, and yet he feels that God does not hear his prayers either. Thank you so much, and may our Lord Bless all who pray for us, it means so much to us right now.

  • Adrian Pacheco

    Lord Christ, I Know Ive Been Failing You Alot Lord But Don’t Ignore Me Please. I want My Family To Return To Church Lord. Im 17 & Im The Only One That Goes To Church. Lord im having problems with temptations, i Need you to help me overcome them. Ive also noticed lord that im having problems with breathing, & there’s this unusual bump over my left side of my chest. Im really scared lord. Christ ive been praying for you to reveal to me my ministry ministry & you’ve been using people to tell me that i have the potential to be a youth pastor, but lord i need a healthy body to dance & sing for you lord. I will worship you lord but just help me father. My older brothere haven’t been saved, & tru to convince them to come to church but they say no. I need you god, i feel like you’ve
    abandoned me. Don’t leave me, God forgive me. Amen

  • http://www.facebook.com/michelle.myles.10 Michelle Myles

    Please pray for the salvation of Sam,Roy,Charlie,Karen,Vincent,George,Lesley,Daniel,my parents, Mary and Sarah. They need Jesus.

  • Hamish

    Hello everyone in Jesus Name… can u plz pray for my Pastor as he going through some heavy duty things..needs uplifted…also for my Mum Margeret that Jesus will heal her lungs..Pray for me Hamish..Thank u for standing in Faith with me..God Bless each of u.

  • michelle m triska

    pray god heals constant gas, and my damaged stomach , heals my gallbladder, and digestive system healing feelings of gas inside me name michelle marie triska

  • Hunter

    Please pray that God guides my life to being the best it can be. Amen



  • joy

    Please Pray for me that God will keep my thoughts in order and give me a peace of mind. I have been very tired lately, just tired of people and life in general. I desire to have a closer walk with God and to hear his voice daily, which I do not. I feel like I am a crossroad with no direction. I have no jobs and no friends. I desire for a spiritual mentor someone I can trust. My focus at times get off balance. I desire prayer for my family that God will bring mercy, break all generational soul ties, save love ones,bring unity in my family that we will communicate better. I desire to be use in his kingdom but I don’t no where and I have no passion. People tells me that your purposes is with thin yours passion, but what if I don’t have no passion? Sometimes I feel like I have to press my way to the house of God. I do have a church home and I am on the usher board. I have spoken in tongues but I desire to speak more fluently and feel his presence all the time. Sometimes I have these crying spells because I don’t feel beautiful or good enough. I don’t take pictures I don’t like looking at myself. I know you are not suppose to argue with God but I just wonder what is going on in my life? What is the lesson God is trying to teach me? I don’t have transportation and people are starting to act funny towards us when giving us a ride to church. My family is in need of a vehicle . I want to witness a miracle in my life.

  • j

    We have had a financial setback which has really dealt my husband an emotional blow of discouragement as every time we seem to start getting ahead financially, something comes up to push us back. In particular, he needs new glasses we cannot afford which is the consequence of a $400 payment that we were not anticipating. In addition, he works very hard to build his web design / project management/ social media business and we are on the verge of partnering with some other professionals to expand the business. I feel we are so close to a financial breakthrough and Satan is pushing us back. Finances have been an issue for my husband in the past and his visiting sister brought that up. Please pray for that spoken curse to be removed. Please pray for my husband to be financially successful and grateful. Please pray for him to see his true value. After taxes and expenses, his hourly rate is low and he was calling his work “minimum wage.” But he does so much volunteer work for the community.

  • Jennifer

    Dear Lord I come to you in my time of need. I hope & pray you hear my prayer.. I am on my hands & knee’s asking that you & Lashando forgive me & that you come in to our lives & help restore a broken relationship & that Lashando & I can be back together & to have all the love we can possibly have. I want us to be happy for a long time to come. I want all women & distractions to go away. I want love, respect, honor, loyalty, and faithfulness for both of us. In Jesus name I pray… Amen!!!

    “Lord Jesus Christ,

    I am sorry for the things I have done wrong in my life. I ask your forgiveness and now turn from everything which I know is wrong. Thank you for dying on the cross for me to set me free from my sins. Please come into my life and fill me with your Holy Spirit and be with me forever.

    Thank you, Lord Jesus.


    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @disqus_anbbZ4JGdn:disqus you couldn’t had set it any better sister. I’m sure your prayer will be heard and if it pleases the Lord, then you will see a positive outcome at the Lord’s timing. So Lord I also would like to add for you to bless my sister with patience and spiritual strenght to overcome the rough times she and her family are dealing with. Please Lord have mercy on her soul and bring happiness and forgiveness to her and her family. We ask you this in the mighty name of your Son, Jesus Christ!

    • Gilbert

      Dear Lord I bless Jennifer and ask your Grace for her life in getting back the peace that is beyond their understanding.

  • anonymous

    Please pray for God’s will for bringing me and my future husband together to be completed

  • myriam


    We have been separated for more than a year and could greatly use your prayers.

  • Ruth Dreher

    Please pray for us as we are combatting witchcraft coming from two women named Kathy and Jamie. Please also pray for Devon and Tessa to rededicate their lives to the Lord.



  • faye

    please pray for my family child care bus. I need to be bless with full time children both to love and to draw a income from. thanks for your prayers

  • saved by amazing grace

    Prayers for healing from my sins of my past. Prayers I would know I am made new in Christ and a new creation in Him, but not just have the head knowledge, but that I would live it and feel it. I feel at times I can drop to low points and the Gospel and Jesus’ sacrifice for me can become dull, prayers that I would find new life in Jesus and his word constantly. Prayer that Psalm 51 would reflect my heart toward my sin and my pursuit of God.

  • joy

    Please Pray for me that God will send his help to my family and I. I am in need of a job and transportation. I don’t know where to start or where I should start looking at. I don’t have any transportation. I will be turning 30 soon and I just want to be use by God. I want to hear his voice daily he is so silent to me right now. I just want to know God for myself and want my own testimony. That God would put passion and a purpose inside of me that know one can steal. I also would like to pray in tongues and have a stronger prayer life. I just need someone to stand in prayer with me, that the attacks on my mind will stop and my mind can stay on God all the time. I just want a heart full of purity and love and forgiveness. That God would break every generational curse and anything that is not like God, I do not want it. I just was GOD! He will be with my siblings and parents because they are suffering emotional, financially, physically and mentally.

  • http://twitter.com/if4es MertH.Everyday Saint

    Pray for me to be effective in glorifying God with how I use my time & to see people won to faith through my prayers & witness. Also, it would be nice for me to see my debts paid. Finally, and not least, that I would be able to give love & have a God glorifying marriage.

  • anonymous

    Please help me with your prayers, someone who is facing 4 years of college ahead of me. I am completely stressed out to the point where I feel I have no one else to turn to. These decisions effect me for the rest of my life and financial situations are scaring me.. please help me find a way. I feel like there is no hope for me financially. I plan to be undecided for some time in the beginning, but I have horrible worries about the major I will choose and if I will be successful.. these thoughts are truly brining me down every day. I feel hopeless. This may sound silly, but is a very hard time for me. Help me gain strength to get though this and to stay positive, help me find His guidance. I don’t want to give up. God has a plan.. I have faith he will lead me in the right direction.
    I have followed you on twitter, and may I add that your tweets inspire me and give me so much hope. Thank you!

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @c716cd354c593e334e7b14cd0c65904f:disqus I’m sorry to hear the stress you are going through. Father I pray for this child of yours. Please give this child the hopes, desires, and strenght needed to finish the goal ahead. I know well Lord that your intension is not to ever stress anyone out but to bring peace and confort to their souls. I ask Lord to take this scary thoughts away from this child’s heart and replace it with love and peace. I ask you this in Jesus name.

      I hope everything gets better in your life. It sounds like you are stressing out too much and things are to be taken in a better spirit. The spirit of hope and love that only our Lord Yahweh provides for us. God bless and thank you for following me on Twitter. Stay bless

  • ryan de leon

    Please pray for Gigi de leon for the complete healig of her UTI,heart,kidney and breathing problems.pray for financial miracle so that she can pay the lawyer and the bail of ryan and afford the caesarian operation on december,and the doctors and pay all her debts and wont be hungry anymore.pray for her safety she undergo a cs section last year and will undergo another cs operation this yr which will make her life in danger bec she has heart problems.pls pray for her to deliver and normal baby .pls pray for her deliverance from hopelessness,depression,alcoholism and suicidal tendencies.pray that she will be able to get a high paying part time job and be successful in online jpbs and be able to open the business that she wanted to open,may it be succesful and be free from being an underdog of her aunt.may God grant her strenght to bear it all and bless her.May God protect her against all her enemies,bad spirits,accidents and calamities,bad people accdg to Gods promise in psalm 91.

    Pray also for Toyang Nocon.pls pray for the complete healing of all her sickness,removal all her pains and be able to eat,urinate and have a normal bowel movement soon and be able to stand and walk and live longer..I know God is the Greatest Healer ( Exodus 15:26).

    pls pray for Ryan de leon.pray that his hearing will be reset this oct and may there be no postponement and delay..may we be able to pay all his debts and the lawyer,his bail and get a witness or evidence to defend him…may God give our lawyer the wisdom and merciful heart on what to do and give the judge a merciful heart and discerning spirit and dismiss the case filed against him or grant his bail next hearing.may his complainant realize that
    he is innocent and withdrew his case against him and may the true killers be caught soon. May God bless my dad and grant him strenght..he is suffering too much in jail.May God grant him longer life and be with his children soon. pray for his deliverance from all his vices esp womanizing and depression,suicidal tendencies,lust,and all the evil spirits that is in him.may God change his heart and deliver him from temptations.May Gods protection be upon him.pls pray that he will continue to love his partner and be faithful to her and love his children.strenghten him lord.

    pls also pray for Rhianna de leon for the healing of all her sickness esp stomach and lung problems pray for her siblings esp immanuel,daniel,melay and family for the complete healing of all their sickness and free from generational curses and protection against al kinds of evil esp bad people,accidents,calamities according to Gods promise in psalm 91,and

    pls pray for Philip J to be able to find a stable part time job very soon and be financially stable so he can support his family well and bring his wife and kids to the US.pray for his protection. pray that God will continue to bless him

    Pls pray for PVA and DH,May God grant them longer life,good health and grant their hearts desire and be able to continue helping her son and nephews PR and his family .Pray for the healing of all their sickness for strenght,and financial blessings.May God shower them with his blessings and not forget people who needs them,

    pls pray for the success,blessings, protection ,restoration of what RK lost and the fullfillment of Gods promise to him very soon and to be able to find the right woman for him,find the right business and right and high paying job.. and continually help his friend gigi..

    pls pray for the healing of marissa g’s depression and mental illness.pls pray that she will be able to accept whatever happens to her mother and wont blame anyone.pls pray for the deliverance from sefishness,greed,hatred,hard heartedness of vangie,gracielle and marissa..may God change their heart of stone and be able to help victoria and gigi and pray that she wont hurt her niece or any of her relatives when she gets home..

    pls pray fopr the change of heart of gracielle g and evangeline n.deliverance from greed,selfishness,lust,all their vices and hard heartedness and be able to help her daughter,sister and mother and be able to go home and reunite with their family.God bless u

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @dac5e2a228898ccaee26ac72056c7c80:disqus I pray that God will grant favor on your request if and whatever pleases the Lord our God. Thank you so much for such an amazing list of prayers. our God knows your heart and He will answer them in His perfect timing. God bless your heart and stay bless.

  • Ruth Dreher

    I talked to a pharmacist and she/he said that my meds are making me confused and make reading comprehension difficult. I love to read so this is frustrating. Please pray that my doctor finds the right combination of meds so I can enjoy reading and understand what I read.
    I am also needing strength and discipline to lose 93 lbs. as I am 5’8″and weigh 223 pounds.
    Please pray that we find a low-cost lawyer to help us get the house deed over to Ruth and RoseMary Dreher.
    Please pray for my friend who is having eye surgery in October. She already had successful surgery for an anyerurism.
    I am also believing God to heal me of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, PTSD, Bipolar I and traits of Borderline Personality Disorder. Also please pray that my 75 year old mom be healed of painful arthritis as she moves around on a walker.
    Thanks for your prayers I have already lost 7 pounds. I would not have succeded so far w/o your prayers. Please send more prayer requests to : ruthdreher@cox.net and I will gladly pray for others.
    Also please pray that troublemakers in our neighborhood repent of their sins or move on.
    Praise Report:I have been sending in prayer requests for my mom to have normal blood pressure readings and they are all normal so please keep praying for her blood pressure to stay normal.

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @3559301f1074e71136e1b672adaa33c5:disqus thank you so much for the prayer request and the updates. We understand your needs and We all been praying for them God bless your family and grant your request in Jesus name. Stay bless

  • ashley marroquin

    i please ask for prayer upon my family anf i to get closer to god. i may also ask for prayer upon my parents to get better jobs and for me to find a job. thanks god bless

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @dbd2c749b69ecf2536e64318d48c1a40:disqus May the Lord our God help your family to get closer to Him and if it pleases Him, to provide better jobs for your parents and a brand new one for yourself so you all could be a blessing to your family and your home church. We ask this in Jesus name! God bless

  • Milan Janca

    Please for payer for friendship with Lenka, person, whoes I love as
    friend, but she has blocks, which make our friendsip impossible. Please
    for prayers for abolishment of all preconceptions, which inhibit from
    our frindship, please for prayer for fully healing all bad which is
    between us, which preclude friend`s love. Please for abolishment all
    bad, which stop to she tell me about all her problems. Please for prayer
    for good clear friendship.
    Thank you

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @milanjanca:disqus brother your case sounds a bit confusing. If Lenka blocked you then she has her reasons. I will pray for the Lord to guide you into a better understanding either with her or with another friend so you won’t loose them as friends. Father, I pray for my brother so you could bring into his life a clean and honest friendship that will stick around him as long as he respects them and show good leadership and could set a good example for others in Jesus name I pray! Take care brother and I hope things work out good with your friend.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JEANETTEFONSECA75 Jeanette Helen Fonseca

    I will like to ask for prayer for Guidance as I know and feel a shift in my life right now, For employment and my health oh yes and a good home. Thank you

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @facebook-831449118:disqus sister I ask the Father to give you favor in your life and to take care of you and guide you in your remaining time in this life. I ask for a better place for you to be a blessing to others and for a source of income for you so you could also be bless and most of all to keep you focus and to take away all the distractions in your life. I ask this in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. God bless

  • http://www.facebook.com/datgoodish Ishaelle Exantus

    I am a college student about to take big steps thats will determine that rest of my life. I ask for prayer for strength, humility and enlightenment, my future, my boyfriend and his future, and my family.

    • Jeanette Fonseca

      We pray In the name of our heavenly father for Ishaelle Exantus for your guidance and wisdom Lord. And the stength that only you Lord are able to give us in this world to make the right decision that will only bring life and abundance into our lives.I pray that you humble and bring understanding and knowledge that only you can give into Ishaelle Exantus and her boyfreind and family members, In Jesus name we pray, Amen.
      Joshua 1:9 Have not I commanded you? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be you dismayed: for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.

      • http://www.facebook.com/datgoodish Ishaelle Exantus

        Thank you!

  • Aaron

    Please Pray for me and my Girl that our parents would agree with our marriage proposal and may God would also be pleased with our Decisions and may we be led by the Holy Spirit in every step that we take in our life. Need Strong prayers.

    • http://www.facebook.com/JEANETTEFONSECA75 Jeanette Helen Fonseca

      @eabc25f9fa2b33537b9dad5d1d7d774a:disqus Job 12:12-13 In the name of Jesus I pray first of all for guidance for you and your girlfriend, Guidance from God. And most important for God’s wisdom and understanding for the both of you. For God to be your guide and teacher thru this situation that you both are going thru.. Hold on to God, first there is always a reason for everything. The holy spirit will guide you to do what is right. Your parent’s have wisdom they have been thru more than what you think and they wish and want the best for their children. Don’t ever forget that God is a god of order.. I don’t know your whole story but The Holy spirit has led me to pray this way. May the peace of God be with you and your loved ones

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @eabc25f9fa2b33537b9dad5d1d7d774a:disqus brother I lift you up to our heavenly Father so He could grant you your request. Lord we understand that you already have a perfect match for my brother set aside so we are going to ask you to please show my brother if this is the right spouse for him. We will pray so you could soften the hearts of the parents and that you would humble them and show them favor for this beautiful couple if indeed it please you ofcourse. Father we understand that sometimes we want to rush your perfect will and we feel that we don’t want to loose this person we have in mind but Father we also know that whoever you have in mind for us, that he/she will wait patiently and no one will take that special person away from our side. So Lord please listen to this prayer to make this happens if: is your perfect will, at your right timming, and for the right motives. God we ask you this in the wonderful name of your son Jesus Christ.

  • Juli

    My husband, he left me with no biblical reason. He’s not saved and has a hardened heart towards anything of the lord.

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      Father I pray for my sister @disqus_7pImACmkFZ:disqus please help her in this critical time of her life. Please soften the hearts of her husband and if it pleases you please put them back together or show her what is your perfect will for her life Lord. We pray for spiritual strenght and a open mind for them both to see more clearly your will. I pray this in Jesus name. Sister you may want to read http://goingafterone.com/2012/02/13/all-you-need-to-know-about-marriage/ article that willl help you both make the right decision in this time of your life. Blessings

      • http://www.facebook.com/JEANETTEFONSECA75 Jeanette Helen Fonseca

        Lord, I pray in your name that you restore this marriage according to your word. Nothng is Impossible for you God. I pray that you bring wisdom and strength to Juli, to be able to wait on you and your time. Softened her husbands heart frist so he can accept you in his life as his Lord and saviour. In Jesus name we pray

  • Toi

    Pray that a job will open up for me so I can be honorable in paying my bills and take care of my kids

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      Lord we are going to ask for you to show @7646b6d0ea74bf60799ac0845f7646c3:disqus a good job where there could be some type of security and the family could be bless with the necessary income to be able to survive in this time when we understand you are coming quickly. Lord bless the family and keep them united as they go through this financial hardship. We ask you this in Jesus name.

  • rush soriano

    Please pray for John D. Medina from the philippines. He is a good friend of mine who has gone back to worldly lusts & passions. He lives by himself & has no christian friends or family. He professes to be a Christian but continues to live a life of sin. Thank you for your prayers.

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @7f8ddef6b6db4131eac8e2ad114251d5:disqus Heavenly Father we are going to ask to please send an angel down with John to make him come back to you Lord. We understand that You are the only one that could do miracles and at this point we feel is only your majestic power could bring back your servant John back to you. Lord we also will pray for his family as well as our friend Rush’s family as well. Please keep them safe and bless them always….we ask you this in Jesus name.

  • Dallas

    I posted on a previous thread about faith and afterwards it was placed on my mind and my heart to come here and ask for prayer. My significant other and I have ran into an obstacle in our relationship. About a month ago he told me that he was done and leaving the home we share with our daughter. I was torn apart but relied on my faith to keep me going and believing that this situation will turn around and that my family will stay together and our relationship repaired. I spoke with his sister who told me that thais is just how the men of their family are, like it’s a generational curse. His father did this very thing to them. I have had “friends” of his come to me telling me that he’s done and he hasn’t gotten his things because he has no where to put them. I am not accepting that. I’ve been praying for a breakthrough. He came to me Thursday and the movement of the Lord began. I am asking for prayer that my relationship does not end and is repaired, and that it results in the marriage that we both said we wanted at some point. We are supposed to talk later today so I also pray that the Lord bless the words that come out of my mouth and that he allows him to recieve them with an open mind and heart. And I pray for the generational curse to be broken so that my child will not have to suffer as well. In Jesus’ name, Amen!!!!

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @da7b5ee5a901c6649b459d9a4f41111a:disqus hi sister. let me try to help you a bit here. Are you both believers and if are you guys married? This is very important to know because I would like to point out to you to read this article http://goingafterone.com/2012/02/13/all-you-need-to-know-about-marriage/ This article has every possible question and asnwers about marriages. As you situation looks shacky, you both need to understand what options you guys have. Please take the time to read it and everything is backed up from the scriptures so if he is a believer than there is no doubt this will help you both. Dear Father, I am asking for your help on the case of our friend here that you could help her by showing her your perfect will. We nderstand that we as humans being, we tend to get attached to things that you don’t have plan for us so on this day I pray that you could show my sister in Christ your plans. Show her God what is your perfect will and bring joy to her life with the perfect person you have set aside for her. A man that honors you and loves you and that will guide her to a closer relationship with you. Lord we ask you all this wonderful things in Jesus name.

  • http://www.facebook.com/karen.park.58 Karen Park

    Please pray so that My Father who is buddist and lives in Korea to be saved! Thank you!

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @facebook-1694658882:disqus my deer sister. I will send a very special prayer for you father so he could, in God’s perfect time, get to know Jesus our Messiah and savior. Lord help him turn away from earthly idols and grab his attention and let his eyes focus on you Lord as there is no other gods on earth but the God, you Lord. We pray for this to happen quick as we are getting ready for your coming and we understand that until the last person that needs to be saved gets saved, we will be ready to be taken with you. So we ask for you to pour your blessings into his life and his family so not only him but everyone that doesn’t know you could find hope, love, peace, and salvation thru your Son. We ask you this in Jesus name.

  • http://twitter.com/Stereoheart007 jitesh rathi

    Jesus is my lord savior Amen. :)

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @twitter-55180264:disqus Amen brother. Praise God for that. God bless you.

  • http://twitter.com/nicky_stroud nicky stroud

    Pls pray for my cousin David Minaar he is a widower with 2 young children he has survived cancer and had a heart attack recently he now faces heart pypass surgery.

    • http://twitter.com/fonsecajeanette Jeanette H Fonseca

      In the name of Jesus by his blood we pray for David Minaar and his family. Lord bring him peace in the midst of this great storm that has come into his life. Lord show him your great and powerful love. Hold him in your amazing arms. Hold him in your hands were he is safe . Bring him to your resting place. Give him strength to be able to sustain his family. Bring him the peace that only you lord can. We also lift him up to you Lord regarding his health, you are A God of miracles, we pray that you are the one performing the surgery that he needs to undergo. May you be the one behind the surgeons hands, Lord for your glory. We pray in the name of Jesus, Amen

      • http://twitter.com/nicky_stroud nicky stroud

        I just want to thank you for the prayers for David and give God all the glory! Davids surgery went very well and he was up and about much sooner than was expected!

        • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

          @twitter-588293514:disqus Yay praise the Lord!!!

  • beryl

    i would like prays said for my daughter in law and her son ,nikki and marley, they do,nt have jesus in their lives, please pray they have jesus as their lord and saviuor.please pray that i have help with my fianances i am disabled and can,t work, i am struggling with money problems ,please pray there is a break through for me god bless beryl

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @disqus_EZOvu2BAoE:disqus We pray on this day for your daughter in law, her son, and your finances. Please Lord answer this prayer and show my friend a way to be able to support the family. Also Lord, we ask you to bring your word to the family and friends and show them your everlasting love and mercy. We pray this in Jesus name.

    • Jeanette Fonseca

      Father, I come before You in prayer and in faith, believing. Your Word says that You desire all men to be saved and come into the knowledge of the truth, so I bring Nikki and Marley before You this day.
      I break the power of Satan from his assignments and activities in Nikki and Marley ‘s life in the Name of Jesus. Now, while Satan is bound, I ask that You send forth the perfect laborers to share the good news of the gospel in such a way that they will listen and understand it. As the truth is ministered, I believe Nikki and Marley will come to their senses and come out of the snare of the devil and make Jesus the Lord of their life.
      Father, I ask that You fill Nikki and Marley with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. As I intercede on their behalf, I believe that the power of the Holy Spirit is activated and from this moment on, I shall praise and thank You for Nikki and Marley s salvation. I am confident that You are alert and active, watching over Your Word to perform it. It will not return to You void. It will accomplish that which You please and prosper in the thing where to it was sent.
      Therefore, my confession of faith is, “God has begun a good work in Nikki and Marley’s life and He will perform it and bring it to full completion unti the day of Jesus Christ, in Jesus’ Name.”

  • beryl

    please pray for my son danny,that he is saved ,that jesus comes into his life, also pray for my 3 granddaughters jade,jinade and keira that they grow up with jesus as their lord and saviuor,please pray for my niece sarah and her daughter sophie that they both are saved in jesus .and please pray for me ,beryl that my stomach operation goes well on wednesday. god bless you

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @disqus_EZOvu2BAoE:disqus sister we are going to, first of all, pray for your surgery. We want to ask our Lord to be the hands of the physicians so they could do a wonderful job with your stomach. After the surgery, we ask you Lord to be the hands and heart of the people who will help my sister get better. Thru this time, please Lord minister to her heart so she doesn’t loose faith in you but could grow in the love and understanding of the wonderful faith you give to us. Lord, also please let her family member that don’t know you-to get to know you. For the ones that already know you, help them get closer to you and clean their rocks in their path so they won’t stumble. Help them and bless them Lord in Jesus name.

  • lizziefuentes

    I have been unemployed for 31/2 years and in need of a Job . Please pray the lord will lead me to the right job in His perfect timing , thank you God Bless !

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @google-597e8ec7b808cb764948875d73932079:disqus Dear God, we ask for our sister in Christ that you could please help her in her finances and could show her the place where she should serve you with happiness and joy Lord. She has been faithfully and paciently waitng for you to guide her into a new job and she wants to continue being a blessing to her family so we ask that you please show her your perfect mercy and could open her eyes and heart to your perfect will. Lord please also bless her family with health and keep showing her your wonderful word. I ask this in Jesus name. God bless you sister and keep your faith up.

  • Carrington :D

    .. hmm, i would just like God to help me be faithful to Him…
    and to endure… and trust Him, even where there is a very much
    prolonged storm….

    Thank you all soooo much ^__^= praise God

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @60adacfca700361c40d0da18e6a9a1c0:disqus brother I’m going to pray for you and your request so our Lord could get you out of the storm and show you His perfect will in a sunny and bright day. I pray that our God could bless you with spiritual strenght and would bring healing and happiness to your life. I pray this in Jesus name

    • http://twitter.com/fonsecajeanette Jeanette H Fonseca

      In the middle of the storm is when we get too really see the face of God, this is where we grow in faith. This is where our biggest test in God. I pray in the name of Jesus. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst
      of them. Mathew 18:20
      Father, I ask in your sons name Jesus. For Strength in the midst of the storm. You are the calm in the middle of the storm you are the peace in the middle of the battle. You are the rock in which we stand. God is the only one who teaches us how to be faithful and it’s only for your Glory and honor.

  • John

    Please pray that I am set free from satans bondage

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @4eb0ae503968a02b16bed83f0db9f2c6:disqus brother I pray that our heavenly Father would give you the strenght required to tear down this bondage that is keeping you hostage with the evil spirits and that by His wonderful and glorious power, He could set you free and you could become His children following our Lords commandments. God I also would like to pray for John’s family and please bring health and spiritual strenght to his body and souls. I ask this in the name of your son and our savior Jesus Christ. God bless you brother and keep in touch.

  • susan

    eight months ago i was raped, and thats how i lost my virginity. my boyfriend of a year & a half and i had broken up three months earlier and hadnt spoken since. but i texted him, and he was there for me. he took me to the hospital, he stayed with me and held me when i cried. and one day he said he wanted to get back together, and he kissed me, and two weeks later never talked to me again. its been eight months since this has happened. and i cant let go. i’m so broken. giving my future husband my virginity was something that was very important to me, and its been taken, i no longer have that gift. i feel so useless and damaged. and i know i shouldnt, but the fact that he stopped talking to me with no explanation makes me feel like its true, that i’m worthless. i need prayers. please. i’m so broken. please pray that i can let my ex go, and forgive the man who did this to me, and that i can find peace for my heart. and please pray that i can learn to love myself again, please pray that God will show me i am still beautiful even though i’ve been scarred, please pray for Him to show me i still have worth. i feel like theres no reason to live, and that scares the hell out of me, but whats left to give when you’ve had it all taken? please pray. i know this is long and obnoxious, but i honestly have no one i can talk to about it. i’m so ashamed of what has happened to me, and i blame myself. but please pray for me.

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      @af0a5b06bae474f0726fce49efef86bd:disqus You are stil beautiful regardless of the damage that has been injected in your life by this terrifc event that has happen in your life. I pray for the Heavenly Father to wipe those tears away from your beautiful face and to give you hope and uplift your spirit to be able to overcome all the negative sensation you are dealing with. I also pray for our God to show you His perfect will for your life and to take away unwanted people that will not contribute to your success in your walk with Christ but instead will make you stumble along the way. I ask to show His mercy upon your life by showing you forgiveness to the person that has taken this precious gift but we also pray for him so he could also find God and with this he could repent of his sins and become a righteous man in the eyes of the Lord. I trust in you my Father that you will show my sister what to do in times where the past comes back and I ask to please take the past away and give her piece and a brand new body that someone along the way could make her happy and not judge her for her past. Please also bless her heart as she is openly coming out to seek for your help and bless her life and family and I ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ. God bless you sister and don’t think you don’t have no one to talk to you because we are all here to support you in Jesus name.

      • susan

        thank you, it means a lot. you are doing a great thing with this site, i hope you feel God’s love at work, and just know this has touched me deeply and gave me hope. God bless <3

    • http://twitter.com/fonsecajeanette Jeanette H Fonseca

      God bless you wonderful and beautiful woman of God. My name is Jeanette I’m 37 years old. I will like to share something really personal that alot of people don’t know about me. I was also raped and that’s how I lost my virginity as well, I was 13 when this happened to me. At the time this happened to me my parents were in the middle of a horrible divorce my mother was never around and when I tried to seek some kind of support from my family I didn’t get it. Soon, after that I started using drugs and hanging out with the wrong crowd, you see I didn’t really know about Jesus. When I found my self cutting my arm to take my own life because of the shame and the pain I felt inside. That’s when my true love walked in that’s when Jesus took me out of the hell I was living in.Little by little he started to show me his unconditional love. One thing you cannot forget in the midst of the craziness in this life Is That God loves you no matter what, Just the way you are. I pray that the Lord first and all brings healing to your heart, mind and body. It is a process I’m still dealing with alot shame, but I’m not where I was 10 years ago. Don’t give up it gets better if you hold on to God. WIth out him is impossible he will heal your wounds. He did mine. To tell you that I can sit down and have a conversation and dinner with a person who also molested me and feel no anger towards him but only God’s love .. Forgivness is for you to be free from the prison that people have placed you in. Once you forgive from the depths of your soul then you will trully be a free and be able to live a shameless life. Never apologize for saying how you feel, everyone has a past and a story and when we share our lives with others it can also be a blessing it can bring closure and healing to some one elses life. And when God brings the Man he has chosen just for you, It won’t matter, God will prepare him to love you and understand you and take care of you. And If any man cannot respect and love you just the way you are, then he is not the one God has for you. P.S. I’m still waiting on mine. Because I will not settle for nothing but what God has for me. So I pray by the precious blood of Jesus, To bring inner healing to your soul for him to show you his unconditional love. To bring you Peace and Joy to restore you and keep you safe until the day the brings you the husband he has chosen for you. I pray that he shows you how precious you are in his eyes what a beautifula nd unique precious rock you are . You are a queen in his eyes don’t ever forget how beautiful you are. Always love God first then the rest will fall into place. I love you in God’s love God bless you and you always have some one to talk to always .. I’m here I’m a survivor and I know in Jesus name you are too. you need to talk here you can reach me any time, God bless you Sister in Christ http://jeanettehelenfonseca.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/#!/JEANETTEFONSECA75

      • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

        @twitter-521374976:disqus Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sure this will help @af0a5b06bae474f0726fce49efef86bd:disqus to motivate her to continue the walk to salvation. Also you are right as far as the right man in a person with this circumstances. The right person send by God will never judge you but love you. God bless you sister for your heart to share what a wonderful work God is doing in your life.

  • jeanette H Fonseca

    Prayer for guidance and wisdom.

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      Heavenly Father, I pray this morning for my sister in Christ, Jeanette, so you could show her mercy and provide wisdom for her so she could be able to make the right decisions in her life that will guide her into a closer relationship with you Lord. I pray that you would lift her up and show her what great things you have plan for her. I also pray so you could continue to bless her heart and fill it with your words and I pray this in Jesus name..

  • Roberto Valencia

    Praying for my girlfriend Brittany Gonzalez , for father god to heal her liver . She has been in the hospital for a week and doctors are doing a biopsy to see if she has a condition that requires medication for life. I rebuke the report in Jesus name. Amen

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      Praying for her brother and please share with us the findings so we could keep her in prayer. I also ask our Lord to show His healing power in your girlfriend’s body and if it pleasses Him, to heal her in Jesus name I pray.

  • Nicholas Olegovich Shield

    That i will not be oppressed any longer for being bisexual

    • http://GoingAfterOne.com/ Rigo Campos

      Brother I will pray for our Lord Yahweh to touch you and to bring your inner peace and understanding of His commandments into God’s perfect will. I also pray for your family and friends to be gentle with you and show you love and not hate as you seek the word of God for guidance in your transformation to God’s perfect will. God bless

  • Pam

    Please pray for Lily’s Family, her murder trial has started this past week, she was a precious two year old that lived in Michigan with her sweet mommy! She was left in the hands of her stepmom where she died…court ordered,please pray for her mommy and family!

    • http://chr1stl1ke.wordpress.com chr1stl1ke

      Pam, praying for our heavenly Father to give the family Spiritual strength thru this tough times. For the mom to be able to keep her eyes on God and though she has lost her child, to keep anger and bitterness out of her heart and to bring forgiveness towards the stepmom and the ex husband. To give her piece in her heart and soul and to bring her happiness thru Jesus Christ our savior. I pray in our dear Messiah’s name Jesus… Amen!

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