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1. Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.

2. All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.

3. The past cannot be changed, the future is still in your power.

4. You are never given a wish without being given the power to make it come true.

5. Don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams.

6. The only place where dreams are impossible is in your own mind.

7. As you travel through life, your dreams will guide you, determination will get you there, and love will provide the greatest scenery of all.

8. Jesus did not come into the world to make bad men good. He came into the world to make dead men live.

9. God has given us His Word to defeat evil, not to beat each other up.

10. When a guy says “If you love me, you’ll sleep with me”, kick him to the curb so fast his head spins. Purity is a crown. Wear it proudly.

11. If you want to get to the top in life, you are going to have to take the stairs.

12. Do not wait for your ship to come in, get in your boat and row out.

13. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

14. Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.

15. The past is what we always tend to look back on, but remember the future is what we look to, to move forward.

16. Love is like a flower, it only blooms when the time is right. ❤

17. You don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who you cannot live without.

18. Poetry is the song of the heart, molded by the mind.

19. Love: A fruit always in season.

20. Don’t place your happiness in someone else’s hands, because once they’re gone, so is your happiness.

21. God is watching over you tonight, I know because I asked Him to.

22. First comes temptation then contemplation. If we don’t change our course, there’ll be ruination. Adultery never JUST happens.

23. Don’t make her your number one, make her your only one.

24. Only those who don’t understand God’s Son think a servant’s role is a lesser one. « Husbands: SERVE her!

25. Everyone wants happiness without suffering. But you cannot have a rainbow without a little rain!

26. You were made by GOD and for GOD; and until you understand that; Life will make no sense!

27. We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

28. Never leave the one you love for the one you like because the one you like just may leave you for the one they love!!!

29. Isn’t it ironic? We ignore the ones who adore us, adore the ones who ignore us, love the ones who hurt us, and hurt the ones that love us.

30. Don’t pray to find the right person, pray that you are ready when the right one comes along.

31. The diffence between the mind and the heart: The mind will tell you what you should do. The heart will tell you what you’re going to do! ❤

32. Life is full of chances. Some may break your heart. Don’t allow any to break your Spirit. ❤

33. Everyone wants the truth but no one wants to be honest.

34. Always Know Your Worth…Because If You Don’t Know Who You Are And What You Deserve…Then You Cant Expect No One Else Too know either…

35. Love when you’re ready; not when you’re lonely! ❤

36. Don’t be the woman who needs a man. be the Woman a man needs. ❤

37. If no one told you they love you today, you are hanging with the wrong people. ~ Spread the love! ❤

38. Courage does’nt always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying; ” I will try again tomorrow.”

39. A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can’t go anywhere till you change it.

40. Men are suppose to love and protect women; Not hurt and betray them.!

41. A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime. ❤

42. Life is the best school. God is the best teacher. Problem is the best assignment. Failure is the best revision.

43. You cannot nurture and help others if you cannot nurture and help yourself first.

44. Your history is meant to guide your destiny … not decide your destiny.

45. Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.

46. Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. Look for Jesus Christ which will open the door for heaven in your life.

47. Leaders have power, but power is safe only in the hands of those who humble themselves to serve.

48. HIS peace is spiritual peace, and His rest is one that operates in the midst of the storm-not in it’s absence.

49. We should all learn to..Laugh a little louder..Smile a little larger..Dream a little further..Love a little extra..Live a little Happier!!!

50. It’s better to be hurt by the truth than be happy with a lie..

51. The only person I am intimate with is the Lord Jesus Christ. No person deserves my intimacy until Daddy God Sends my Person of Valor.

52. Every women deserves a man who looks at her every day like it’s the first time he saw her.

53. Don’t give up on the people you love. Your patient love and faithfulness may be exactly what they need to make a complete turnaround.

54. Success in life is not determined by what you have but by what you do with what you have.

55. Don’t turn to God only when you need something. Turn to him often, then he’ll already be there when you’re in need.

56. There’s no need to rush. If something is meant to be, it will happen. At the right time, with the right person, for the right reason.

57. I don’t hate you, I never will. I just act like I do, because it’s easier than admitting that I miss you. ❤

58. God’s promises are like the stars; the darker the night the brighter they shine.

59. There are two ways of spreading light- to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

60. God disciplines when you do wrong. It will be a blessing in the long run. The Father disciplines only when He loves His child.

61. Christians are called upon to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world. We can do this 1-Tweet at a time. To God be the glory!

62. So many people want to wear the cross but don’t want to carry it.

63. Go to the cross of Christ, all you that want to be delivered from the power of selfishness.

64. It’s one thing to move forward, it’s another to move forward in the right direction

65. A strong desire to quit usually occurs before the greatest breakthrough of your life is about to take place.

66. Ministry is not about building big buildings, but building big people

67. Remember that there is no such thing as ugly… just unique and different, but beautiful in its own way. ❤

68. Even as the world’s falling apart, I will stay focused on God’s Word. Keeping my composure and his peace through it ALL.

69. People will always throw stones in your path. It depends on You What do You make from it. A Wall of difficulties OR A Bridge of success!

70. To Forgive is to set a Prisoner Free and Discover the Prisoner Was You!

71. What’s not meant to be, will never be. So, be strong and move on.

72. Don’t know what my future holds but I know Who’s holding it…

73. You never know God is all you need until God is all you have.

74. It’s nice when someone remembers every little detail about you, not because you keep reminding them, but because they actually pay attention

75. If you reach inside the past to pull pain into the present, you reduce your ability to see clearly into the future

76. You will know that forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well.

77. Everyone is not perfect but there’s something good in everyone. Never judge anyone shortly because every saint has a past and every sinner has a future!

78. As gold is purified in the furnace, so the faithful heart is purified by sorrow.

79. When you take time with God and listen to His voice, He renews your strength and enables you to handle life.

80. When you’re tired, draw strength from God. When you’re speechless, talk to God. When you’re lonely, there is God.

81. Praying with a man is more intimate than kissing him.

82. When I say.. “I am a Christian” I speak of this with pride because I’m confessing that I have stumbled and that I need Christ to be my guide.

83. Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.

84. Intelligent doesn’t have to mean educated. And Creative doesn’t have to mean talented.

85. When you’re not trying to fit in, you’re free to stand out.

86. Happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have.

87. Progress has little to do with speed, but much to do with direction.

88. If you look at the world, you’ll be distressed. If you look within, you’ll be depressed. If you look at God you’ll be at rest.

89. If perfect is what your looking for,its a good chance lonely is what you will find!

90. Character is like a tree, and reputation is like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.

91. A wise Spiritual leader once advised there are many paths to the top of the mountain. However there is only one top of the mountain.

92. Once I believed forgiveness was the excuse of weak men too afraid to take revenge only to find it was the bravest act of my life.

93. Peace on the outside comes from knowing God on the inside.

94. The expression a woman wears on her face is far more important than the clothes she wears on her back.

95. God never leads us where He cannot keep us. His grace is always sufficient for us in any and every circumstance of life.

96. I would rather walk with God in the dark than go alone in the light.

97. One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is time alone with God.

98. When you trust in God you are always safe and provided for.

99. He who kneels before God can stand before anyone.

100. Put your trust in God, not man.

101. I may not be where I need to be but I thank God I am not where I used to be!

102. When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They’re sent to promote, increase and strengthen you.

103. God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn’t do.

104. You can tell the size of your God by looking at the size of your worry list. The longer your list, the smaller your God.

105. Jesus “died” for you, knowing you might never love Him back. THAT is true agape love.

106. Our God is far more interested in what you are rather than in what you do.

107. When you take time with God and listen to His voice, He renews your strength and enables you to handle life.

108. God only gives three answers to prayer: 1. ‘Yes!’ 2. ‘Not yet.’ 3. ‘I have something better in mind.

109. Nobody is in charge of your happiness except you.

110. What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift back to God.

111. Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.

112. When fear knocks on the door, answer with faith!

113. When you choose to love as -The Creator- loves, it sets you free.

114. Admit your weakness, God will add strength. The Lord doesn’t like arrogance but he will empower the humble.

115. God’s Word is clear. You can’t claim to love God and not love your neighbor.

116. Silence is a girl’s loudest cry. You can always tell she’s really hurt when she starts ignoring you.

117. The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears. And the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.

118. You cannot have the peace of God until you first have peace with God.

119. Only you can make me whole.. give me strength to carry on.. Lord I’m longing to trust and love you more!

120. Serving God doesn’t mean we’ll no longer have difficulties. We’re still on the battlefield, but it just means we don’t have to fight alone.

121. Every evening I turn my worries over to God. He’s going to be up all night anyway.

122. Every woman deserves a man who loves and respects her and every man deserves a woman who appreciates his efforts.

123. To keep a relationship, you have to: keep your promises, be romantic no matter what, and be honest with each other 100% of the time.

124. No matter how many arguments a couple may get into, if U truly love each other, it should never matter. Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

125. Smile and always be happy! Don’t make the people that dislikes you glad by seeing you lonely.

126. Heart break is hard but loving somone who doesn’t love you is harder.

127. Wake up every day stronger than yesterday. Face your fears, and wipe your tears.

128. Commitment doesn’t scare me, the thought of committing to the wrong person does.

129. You can never find ”Perfect Friends” But you can alway find perfect ”Moments” with them.

130. When situation gets you down, remember there’s Someone in Heaven who loves you and watches over you and there’s someone on Earth who cares.

131. To have God on our side doesn’t mean sailing on a boat with no storms, it means having a boat that no storm can sink.

132. If you pray for God to move a mountain and it is still there in the morning “Climb it”.

133. Within the pain of your past, is a cause that will change people’s future.

134. Your testimony will help other heal their pain and will bring hope to their lives.

135. I constantly tell myself “I’m done.” But i find myself still TRYING.

136. Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you’re waiting.

137. Don’t let the shadows of yesterday spoil the sunshine of tomorrow. Live for today and give your life to Christ.

138. Don’t talk just act; Don’t say just show; and Don’t promise just prove!

139. When someone shows you who they are; believe them the first time.

140. I don’t know where I stand with you. And I don’t know what I mean to you. All I know is every time I think of you, I want to be with you.

141. Being single does not mean no one wants you…it just means that God is busy writing your love story!

142. I’m thanking God everyday for my family, my health, my trials, my success, my tears, my laughter; everything which makes me and helps me grow.

143. God puts people in your life for a reason and removes them from your life for a better reason.

144. Christlikeness is the result of making Christ-like choices while depending on The Spirit to fulfill those choices.

145. I wonder what goes through your mind when someone mentions my name to you.

146. I’m tired of fighting, I want to be fought for. I’m tired of caring, I want to be cared for. I’m tired of being just me, I wanna be yours.

147. I can’t seem to get over you, and God knows I’m trying.

148. Don’t depend on other people as the source of your happiness or for approval.

149. The power of prayer is in the One who hears it, not in the one who says it.

150. I offer forgiveness with gladness. I am content with inner peace.

151. One thing God cannot forgive is an UNFORGIVING heart.

152. Those whose reason to live is Christ have no reason to quit.

153. He who kneels before God can stand before anyone.

154. Knowing my purpose in life, found in Jesus Christ, is what keeps me going and what makes my life beautiful and at peace at all times.

155. When we give ourselves completely to the Lord, all lesser giving becomes easier.

156. God can perform miracles. He can make love happen where love never existed.

157. Don’t waste your energy today being angry. Turn the situation over to God and let Him be your Vindicator. Prayer changes heart and behavior.

158. Let’s take our eyes off our problems and let’s put our eyes on the promise!

159. Jesus still holds the scars from being nailed to the cross, but It wasn’t the nails that held Him to the cross. it was His Love for us.

160. ANGER is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind.

161. If you tell the truth it becomes a part of your past; If you lie it becomes a part of your future.

162. The first person that you think of in the morning; is either the cause of your hapiness or the cause of your pain.

163. If you love food, make food. If you love music, make music. If you love friend, make friends. If you love GOD, MAKE DISCIPLES.

164. Having God as your Companion is the best source of happiness… Jesus said “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

165. Never allow someone or something that adds very little to your life, control so much of it.

166. I will love the light for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.

167. You call it “jealousy”. I call it “fear of losing you”

168. Remember that there is only one reason we are here: So that people far from God will be raised to life in Christ.

169. Don’t underestimate your purpose in the midst of this journey, for He has called YOU to rise up those around you.

170. Don’t give into your circumstances; rather continue to push through until you finish the good work our Lord has started in you. ❤

171. If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you do have a problem.

172. Beauty attracts the attention; but personality captures the heart! ❤

173. People are simply not perfect, and we do make mistakes. It is the willingness to #forgive and go on that makes relationships strong.

174. Don’t live life comparing yourself to everyone else. God has created you to be you and you are free to be yourself!

175. It’s possible to pray without faith, but it’s impossible to have real faith and not pray.

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